Thursday, June 12, 2014

Time Capsule

The year is 2034.  I have just discovered a compelling box painted with beautiful colors and nature.  I feel as this mysterious box is bringing me peace within.  The metallics and water colors and mix of creative design and simple design is just memorizing.  I opened the box and found the contents of what I believe a girl would place in there.  A drawing.  A drawing of the girl herself.  A self portrait.  This really took me back to the old days.  Next I saw, a photograph of another girl, different from the drawing.  I flipped the photograph over and it was labeled "best friend".  A girl and her best friend.  A few various items were also found in the box as I explored deeper.  A soda wrapper, a sports schedule for the high school she attended, and a ticket to a musical, Grease.  By looking into this box I saw a glimpse into a girls teen years and by doing that, it allowed me to reminisce through mine.  

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  1. Looks awesome, I love the metallic paint. Well put together post as well