Thursday, November 14, 2013

What does our collection reveal about us?

The time we live in is displayed in our collection because of the various items included in it.  Among our collection (besides the fact that it's all blue) there are items that represent our generation.  This includes: Angry Birds, nail polish, Pepsi, Victoria Secret Perfume, and a lunch box representng The Nintendo DS.  Those things also represents the average teens interest today.  This collection does represent my personal beliefs because I use a lot of the stuff in the collection in my daily life.  Portia Munson's work also represents different collections in different ways becoming an inspiration for ours.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Collecting vs. Hoarding

Many people would say that if you collect enough things it becomes hoarding.  But I disagree.  No matter how many things you collect it's still a collection if they are all in the same specific category.  A collection is an assembly of items such as works of art, pieces of writing, or natural objects, especially one systematically ordered.  Hoarding is when you excessively gather things creating your car and/or house to be cramped to the extent of not being able to walk.  Hoarding also tends to be for people that have a mental problem whereas a collection is for people with a creative eye (mostly artists).

Friday, November 1, 2013

Comparison of the Bike and the Jar

If I had to choose between graphite pencil and colored pencil I would choose colored.  The reason behind this choice is that colored pencil is just more fun.  Shading is something that I find difficult to do and I prefer coloring over it because it's easier for me and it comes out looking better in the drawing in my opinion.  Also, colored pencils have more variety of how you can use them where as the graphite you can only shade.

Candy Jar Drawing

When I first started my candy jar drawing, I automatically knew that it was going to be more difficult than the bike.  And it definitely was.  Trying to fit all the candy in the jar without making it look like it was floating was probably the hardest part of the drawing.  Coloring in the drawing was the easiest and most fun part of this project.  Instead of using all the candy inside my jar and they designated colors, I used candy from my imagination and different colors to make it more interesting.  I do have to say, the more I worked on the drawing the more fun it was to draw.

Graphite Pencil Bicycle Drawing

When I was first starting this bike drawing I felt very worrisome about it. I chose the part of the bike where the springs meet the seat.  I chose that part at the time because I thought it was really cool with the way the springs brought the life to the bike. As I continued drawing the bike I started liking it more and more and I discovered that the shading wasn't as hard as I thought it would be at first.  In fact, the shading made the drawing come alive even more.  I am very pleased with the finished product of the drawing and now have a different outlook on shading with pencil.