Thursday, June 12, 2014

Reflection Post

During my year of art class I've learned many new things, some of which I thought I would never learn. The first thing I learned was how to take my time drawing and shading.  By taking my time and really thinking about my drawing, I was able to come up with a better complete piece of art work.  The thing I thought that I would never learn was how to make pottery.  The clay was very hard to work with (for me) but with time I was able to create a totem pole I'm proud of.  I had so much fun glazing the clay and learned a lot.  Another project I loved was painting my box.  I really got to make it my own and draw my signature flowers I always do on all my doodles.  I'm happy with the way it came out.  Without art class I wouldn't have really been able to express myself in school this year.  Because of the scheduling, I couldn't be I'm strings during the day.  I was not able to let out my creativeness.  But with art, I got to do it in a different way I'm not used to.  I found my experience I'm art class to be a wonderful experience and it really made my senior year a fantastic one.  

Time Capsule

The year is 2034.  I have just discovered a compelling box painted with beautiful colors and nature.  I feel as this mysterious box is bringing me peace within.  The metallics and water colors and mix of creative design and simple design is just memorizing.  I opened the box and found the contents of what I believe a girl would place in there.  A drawing.  A drawing of the girl herself.  A self portrait.  This really took me back to the old days.  Next I saw, a photograph of another girl, different from the drawing.  I flipped the photograph over and it was labeled "best friend".  A girl and her best friend.  A few various items were also found in the box as I explored deeper.  A soda wrapper, a sports schedule for the high school she attended, and a ticket to a musical, Grease.  By looking into this box I saw a glimpse into a girls teen years and by doing that, it allowed me to reminisce through mine.  

Monday, March 24, 2014

A House, a Home, and a Change

    I could hear the birds chirping as I walked downstairs, ready for my normal routine.  The scent of simmering bacon blew past my nose and a sense of content washed over me.  In the kitchen my mother was anticipating my arrival.  As I entered the kitchen I saw the concerned look on my moms face. It was then that I realized that my life was about to change.

     I was moving.  I couldn't believe it.  I wouldn't be spending the rest of my days as a student in the house I grew up in and love so much.  Although, I was sad at first I knew it was the right thing to do. I had to suck it up and begin the process of change.  First, we sold all of our extra stuff.  The apartment we are moving to can't fit all the luxuries we have now.  Then we found a wonderful family to buy our home.  Now it's time to pack up our stuff and be on our way.

One could say the move is for the best.  I get to design a new room of mine and even help design the rest of the apartment.  But in the end, although I will miss the house I have always known, I understand that this is the fate my family is supposed to encounter.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pop Print Art

The item I chose for my pop print was a heart necklace.  I was originally drawn to the piece of jewelry by the bright blue color inside the glass heart.  I really liked the string too because it was like a shiny black silky material.  I really liked the carving process for this piece and I thought it was really fun creating all the patterns.  Overall, I thought this was a really neat project and I'm happy with the way my many prints came out.  

Fortune Cookie Art

At first I had no idea what to do with my fortunes I received with my cookies.  But soon I realized what they meant.  The drawing I created shows a flower going from unblocked, to blooming, to finally, fully bloomed.  My fortunes reminded me of my journey to becoming myself.  I created art that shows how although it took some time, I finally bloomed into the person I am today.  My fortune cookies told me nothing but compliments and good things about myself and that I in a way, bloomed into something great.  

Friday, January 17, 2014

Art x3

When working on the art x3 project it took a lot of self control to be able to give up my beginning piece to a random person.  At first I was sort of upset that I didn't get to keep my first piece to work on for the rest of the project but now, I am glad because I got to complete someone else's and make it look like me own.  I am very happy about the way my collage came out and have learned that sometimes you just have to let go, go with the flow, and in the end everything will turn out okay.